Eligibility Requirements

Graduates of WHS become eligible for Distinguished Alumni consideration ten years after graduation, and once their name has been placed before the Selection Committee. Eligibility will be reviewed for three consecutive years.

The selection committee is made up from career educators and citizens of the North Stonington community and will consider the applicants for their contributions in the categories of: Academic/Career Accomplishments, Athletic Accomplishments, Cultural/Performing Arts and Major Contributions to Wheeler High School.

If you would like an application for consideration or recommendation as a Distinguished Alumni candidate, please contact the high school. If you or someone you know meets the criteria to become a Distinguished Alumni, we encourage you to apply.

If you have submitted an application previously, your application will be reviewed each year up to three years. At that point, the candidate would need to re-apply. Applications are due by the end of February, selections take place in the beginning of April, and the awards are presented during the senior awards night in June. The Distinguished Alumni Committee received many outstanding applications the first year and hope the numbers will be even higher next year.

The Distinguished Alumni Award, which was supported by the North Stonington Educational Foundation, shined a light on the outstanding achievements Wheeler graduates have accomplished and provided a glimpse of what a Wheeler senior can attain. Like in Mr. O’Keefe’s case, the sky is the limit.